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The 7 Classic sleeves type which haute couture wedding dress designers ofter use

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Everyone wants to pick the most suitable wedding dress, which in addition to see the overall effect, can not ignore the details, and how to choose the sleeve, is a very important part.

Although the sleeve is only a part of the wedding dress, but the overall style is retro or fashion, is fresh or sexy, all related to it. It works wonders when combined with a neckline or back design.

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   Check out these wedding dress sleeve shapes

1.cap sleeves

A very short sleeve that hangs from the shoulder but has no fabric under the arm. It gives dresses a sweet and elegant.

Royal celebrities love cap sleeve, such as Kate Middleton's sister pippa, who wore them when she married.

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2. Short Sleeves

Short sleeves wedding dress style more casual, combined with simple and generous design effect is better.

Thrried in a short-sleeved wedding dresse most famous celebrity to get ma was Trump's daughter Ivanka, who wore a lace section of her sleeve to make her look more feminine.

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3.Flutter Sleeves

The sleeves have a ruffled affect or the fabric falls in folds over the upper arm. More feminine

In fact, butterfly sleeves are a retro style with 1920s colors and stunning backless designs such as Molly Sims's wedding photos.

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4.1/2 sleeves

Simple and retro. 1/2 sleeves with a shoulder and square collar design is better.

Geri Halliwell, a member of the spice girls, opted for 1/2 sleeves for her wedding, which was elegant.

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5.Long  sleeves

Long sleeves wedding dress is the most elegant style, a sense of ceremony, suitable for all.

There are plenty of celebrities who opt for long-sleeved gowns, from grace kelly to Kate Middleton to Miranda Kerr to nicky Hilton.

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6.Bell Sleeves

A full sleeve that opens at the cuff providing a bit of drama to the arm. The flared sleeve creates a fullness that is both flattering and wow-worthy.

Such as celine dion and ciara wedding photos, these two Look is also very classic.

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7.Bishop Sleeves

Classic sleeve shape. Bishop sleeves are full at the top and tight at the cuff.

8. Personality sleeve

Creativity without boundaries, in addition to the above all kinds of sleeve, the sleeves of the wedding can play a lot of patterns.

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