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What is minimalist design?

Minimalist fashion is defined by one major principle: keep it simple, Streamlined shapes, a small selection of colors.

When minimalist is quietly popular, many people fall in love with the wonderful feeling of less is more.

Do you also want to keep up with the trend, looking for a wedding dress like this? OK. Today I will introduce a few minimalist wedding dress.

1. Saricstin fab

Gorgeous texture、simple lines, elegant and generous.

The simplest is the most shoerful.cking, the most pow

Spaghetti Strap、A-Line with delicate beads belt, sketching out the bride's curves.

Low V back design 、Court train, turning around is the beauty of elegance.

2. Modern Cuts

Geometric shapes or an intriguingly simple cut out, modern aesthetics.

Strapless with cut out, simple silhouette, highlights women's self-confidence and independence charm.

Off-shoulder、simple cut out and seems , fashion minimalist.

3. Cascading ruffles

Make your minimalist wedding dress look even more alluring with cascading ruffles details.

Light Tulle、ethereal ruffles, like a fairy.

Asymmetrical pleated , modern aesthetics.

4. Cape Adding a cape is a simple way to create a distinctive bridal look.

Off-the-shoulder with cape

In our Fashion Week Runway, we have also used minimalist design many times.

Simple Pleats

Simple Pleats


Bow & Cascading Ruffles


Bow & Ruffles


If you want to customize a minimalist wedding dress of yourself, you can browse http://www.jusere.com , then contact us.

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