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Wedding and Evening dress Trends:Square Neckline,designer inspiration

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

There’s a new neckline in the fashion world. While its may stem from the Renaissance era, the classical silhouette has made a modern comeback, appearing on various Fashion Week Runways, officially beginning popular trend.
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Square neckline is a wide and low-cut square frame.

It comprises 3 edges, the horizontal edge at the base and joined to two vertical edges one on either shoulder.

So it is flattering, elegant, and versatile.

Here I introduce the features of square neckline.

1. Vintage and Elegant

Floral lace、Square neckline、Ball gown

With the same lace train,a grand sense of ceremony.

2. Lively and Young

Soft tones、Square neckline、Delicate beads

Fashion square neckline, like a girl's feeling.

3. Beautiful Neckline Curves

This type of necklines also helps to elongate neck and narrow shoulders.

Gray green、Square neckline、A-line

4.Plump Chest Curves

If you are a skinny girl or small chested, make sure to wear a fitted square neckline to bring the illusion of curves to your bustline.

Square neckline is very beautiful and have so many features, do you want to have one?

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