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Jusere Dubai Fashion Days Show

Dubai Fashion Days, a five-day fashion festival, is set to return for its second edition next month. The five-day fashion festival, which runs from December 8 to 12, will showcase upcoming and established designers from China, the UAE, and the wider Middle East.

Jusere is honored to be invited to attend DFD 2019 Salon Show.

Jusere Bespoke Salon Show held at Bluewaters Dubai on 10th December. Our designer Guangyan Zhu shares the concept, process and exclusive services offered by custom designs.

Jusere Fashion Show held at Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai on 11th December.

The last one symbolizes Jusere’s action to lay out the world market.

Jusere receives Dubai Fashion Days Certificate of participation from Mohammed Saeed AI Marzouki Merass Senior Officer Marketing & Events.

Dubai Fashion Days Show, it has a profound effect on opening up the Middle East

and other regions market.

If you’re interesting our products, could you please contact us from Jusere website for further discussion.

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