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How to get a dream wedding dress?

When you were a little girl, did you think about to wear a dream wedding dress when you grew up? In this romantic season, let me share a sweet story about how to get a dream wedding dress.

This is a girl named Elizabeth from Tanzania who is studying in China. She was looking for her dream wedding dress and contacted us on the Internet. When she visited our showroom and found it so beautiful.

She bought two wedding dresses. The first wedding dress was elegant and traditionally conservative, because she had a church wedding. We helped her to pick up a satin wedding dress.

But she wanted to change a bit, added a detachable tulle on the neckline. When she got the wedding dress, it was amazing. So perfect!

For the second wedding dress, she wanted a mermaid wedding dress with cascading ruffles. Our designer drew a sketch, a mermaid wedding dress with some blue beads on the neckline and back.

When she got her wedding dress, perfect customize wedding dress. Gold is her favorite color and blue is the wedding theme color, such a unique design.

Exquisite beads and beautiful back

On her big day, share some happiness photos to us.

Congratulations to them.

Jusere is a great place to buy wedding dress. These dresses are good and the service is nice. If you were looking for a dream wedding dress, come to Jusere,it's sure to help you achieve it.

You can view http://www.jusere.com and contact us.

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