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How does the bespoke process work for you?

Bespoke is made from scratch to your specifications—from fit and shape to the fabrics and details. You’ll be able to stay in control of the larger details and make decisions that suit both your style and budget.

How to get a bespoke wedding dress?

1. Inspiration from

For bespoke creations the inspiration is mainly from the bride herself. Inspired by love stories, magical scenes and childhood memories... Each dress has a story and personality.

2. Choose fabric

You can choose your favorite fabric to achieve the effect you want to, but also need to refer to the designer’s professional advice.

3. Mock-up service( prototype)

Our designer team will offer mock-up service for pattern checking.

4. Beading& embroidery swatches before production Delicate beading& embroidery swatches, in order to make a perfect wedding dress for you.

5. Lace applique semi-production follow up

Show the lace appliques, let you to confirm the beautiful details.

6.Finished production follow up

Let you see the whole dress shape and details, is there anything you don’t like, we can changed it.

At the end, will get the dream wedding dress.

Here share some beautiful photos from our bride Felina Grace, congratulations to them, forever happiness.

If you wanna get a bespoke wedding dress,

you can view http://www.jusere.com, contact me. We can tell you more informations about it.

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