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Colored wedding dress 2019, fashion and trend,the bride's choice, designer's Inspiration

White wedding dresses will be forever classic and timeless, but the colored wedding dress has captured our hearts. Glimmering gold, elegant red,light purple,fresh blue and even a black wedding dress stand out.

Luxurious golden ball gown wedding dress

Brides everywhere are turning to wedding dresses with color as an alternative to traditional white.

Take a look at our colored wedding dress options.

1. Black Wedding dress

If you want to be different and unique, the color black can fit you very well. It can show your personality.

No matter what the embelishment, is very attractive. For example :lace, feathers, tulle and so on.

Dark black tulle and regal golden lace

All over black and illusion details

Black wedding dress with ivory tassel

2. Red Wedding Dresses

The dreamy fantastic red color can make the bride just like the flower blooming in the garden.

Dreamy 3D floral and strapless design

Glitter ball gown wedding dress

Golden and red embroidery floral patters

3. Golden Wedding Dresses

The glittering feature of golden color, comes with attractive, will instantly fall in love with it.

Beads Strap and Bell sleeves ball gown

Dreamy hot air balloon and castle embroidery patterns

Regal lace and luxurious beads ball gown

4. Pink wedding dress

This color is dreamy and romantic, can make you elegant and attractive.

Tulle scoop neck and sequin ball gown

5. Green wedding dress

Green color is fresh,growth,relaxing, youthful, also full of love.

Unique green wedding dress that highlights your personality.

Off-the-shoulder and sparkling ball gown

6. Silver grey wedding dress

Mix silver with gray, calminge colors, glamorous elegant.

Tulle scoop neck and lace appliques ball gown

Jusere have all kinds of colored wedding dresses.

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