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Chinese Movie Star Zhong Dan Ni wears Jusere dress to attend the 3rd Internet Film Festival

On August 25, the 3rd  Internet Film Festival was held at shangri-La Hotel in Hefei, Auhui Province, and the Internet Film Festival was one of the most influential awards ceremonies in China's online film and television industry, known as the "Oscar" of China's online film and television industry.

On the same day, Zhong Dan Ni was invited to attend the Internet Film Festival,with a sliver-grey elegant dress detuted on the red carpet, very eye-catching.

She was got the potential Actress of the Year for her outstanding performance in the TV Cinderella Chef. Congratulations to her.

Now take a closer look at this dress.

1. Beautiful color

our designer made several adjustments to design this sliver-grey color, elegant and noble.

2. High collar

Tulle high collar stands out the elegant curves of the neck.

3. Fashion bishop sleeves

Bishop sleeves, with a retro feel and a good way to retouch the arm.

4. Sequins bodice

The sequins bodice also gives you a subtle sparkle without looking gaudy.

5. Bow embellishment

Illusion tulle with bow embellishment to give a gorgeous back view. Sexy with a little cute.

Do you think it’s beautiful, you like it?

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