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A kind of beauty called -lace dress

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Lace, a unique fabric, soft, hazy, tender

It represents the elegance of women

Like a shadow, like a dream

In the aesthetic interpretation of romanticism.

In the world of Europe, lace is a royal pet, it is a status symbol, widely spread in the aristocracy.

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In recent years, lace elements have been deeply loved by designers and are widely used in design, no matter it is wedding dress or fashion garment.

Soft and light texture, once became the exclusive fairy.

Natural full of vitality, the interweaving of thin lines, or close or thin, faint between the publicity of the romantic and aesthetic sense of light luxury.

Low saturation is tonal, apply colours to a drawing gives quietly elegant romantic aesthetic feeling.

Is it true that lace has endless topics to talk about?Then follow us to see, what kinds of lace there are?

1.Corded lace

It's formed by high lighting details in the pattern using a cord, which gives these laces a slightly textured look. The cording itself can be very fine and delicate, highlighting the motifs in the design of the lace or add a 3 dimensional effect with heavier cording, altering the handle of a lace.

2. Renice lace

Ancient Greek relievo like art, elegant and delicate, elegant. The elegant and quiet Sicilian style presents the delicacy and nobility peculiar to women.

3. Frence lace

Light and transparent French thin lace, create a dream-like atmosphere, such as the princess as luxury and nobility. Natural drape feels character, add a few glamour feminine flavour more.

4.Embroidery lace

Embroidery lace is a kind of weaving technique similar to embroidery. This kind of lace pattern is full and three-dimensional with distinct layers and originality.

5.Sheet lace

The sheet lace shows light, always can show figure curve. Will be fairy and mysterious quietly combined, perfect hit girl heart. Combined with splicing technology, the lace becomes flexible.

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