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2019 wedding dress fashion color indicator, Brides to be, each color will inspire you

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Is everyone talking about the latest fashion colors?

Yes, in this romantic month , We want to wear beautiful dresses and have a great date . Today let's follow the colors of fashion.

1.Living Coral

Beatiful Living Coral

Warm and vibrant

In a natural context

Release infinite tendernsse

Pastel colors、Simple Strapless、Elegant ball gown

3D floral appliques、Sheath gown 、Light Tulle

Ombre color、Sexy V-neck、Floral appliques

2. Jester Red

Retro tone atmosphere

Urban modernism

Strong visual expression

Make public individual character

Off Shoulder、delicate beaded、Simple A-Line

Sweet heart、Diagonal pleat、Simple A-Line

Short sleeves、Plain satin、Ankle length

3. Princess blue

Noble princess blue

Full of quiet and profound beauty

Unique royal temperament

Collision gives diversity fashionable feeling

Halter style、Black velvet belt、Cascading ruffles

Cap sleeves 、Classic lace gown 、Mermaid

4. Aspen golden

Bright aspen gold

Hot yellow evolution

Fresh and bright, full of energy

Utopian optimism

Spaghetti Strap、Shining beads、Elegant A-Line

V-neck、Exquisite appliques、Ball Gown

5.Sweet corn

Classic creaminess

The color is gentle and elegant

Subtle natural tones

Conveys freshness and sweetness

Halter、ruffles sleeves、light tulle

Minimalist design、Diagonal pleat、Cascading ruffles


Quiet Roland violet

Filled with a natural dreamlike mood

Elegant aesthetic, ingenuity

V-neck、Black belt、Cascading ruffles

Simply strapless、Floral beads、Light tulle

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