Jusere has the biggest showroom in Asia, with

two physical exhibition halls, more than 8000 square meters of exhibition space ,displaying over 5000 different wedding and evening dresses.

With a variety of different designer works, featuring its unique and creative embroidery, laces appliques, color collocation.

Whether you from European, American, Australian, Middle East or any other places from the world, there is always your choices in Jusere.


Founded in 2002, JUSERE Wedding & Evening Dress Factory is a professional and reliable manufacturer locate in suzhou, china.

The Brand "JUESHE" has been registered at more than 30 countries all over the world.

With over 17 years of practice and improvement, JUSERE has grown into one of the biggest wedding & Evening dress Factories in China.


Customization is unique, also a pursuit of the exquisite attitude to life.

JUSERE advanced customization, exclusive service, personalized design, high-quality fabric accessories, exquisitely hand-made, only belong to your beautiful dress.


Jusere has a great designer team, featuring with their Genius creativity, outstanding design ability, extraordinary fabric reconstruction, and color matching ability.

The best proof of that 3 of them has won the top 10 best fashion designer awards from china fashion week,

Among the designers, many of them studied and worked in French and Japan before, which give jusere abundant international perspective and experience.

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